What Our Brand Ambassadors Say

"Kombucha complements the necessary nutrients and detox for my busy lifestyle as a music coach and personal stylist. I used to be extremely tired in the afternoons right through the evenings. Since I've been taking Kombucha, those episodes rarely happen. I now feel more energised. I have also noticed a drastic reduction of me getting sick. It's really good stuff.

Being one that battles with irregular bowel movements, I witnessed a huge improvement to that aspect of my health, I NO LONGER have indigestion and constipation. Only if I have known about Kombucha sooner.

I truly enjoy D-Kombucha Bar so much, not only are they good for my well-being but they taste amazing, fresh & smooth! I would certainly recommend this product as I feel it has changed my life for the better."

Jessica Loo

Music Coach & Personal Stylist

My love for Kombucha
Psst ... (sip of enjoyment)

"A glass of Kombucha post workout is the most satisfying moment for me.

Being a coffee addict, "Coffee Kombucha" by D-Kombucha Bar was the perfect combo for me. Grateful that they even look into the needs of 'coffee addicts' like many of us.

Drinking Kombucha has been part of my weekly diet plan, it keeps the energy going and it makes me freaking rock!"

Sharon Tan
Investor, Fitness Advocate